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How to save money by growing vegetables at home

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that an adult person needs to consume at least 400 grams of vegetables (excluding potatoes) daily to live a healthy life. However, the high cost of vegetables in Kenya makes it difficult for most homes to meet this target. It is therefore becoming ...

PHOTOS: UOE Agribusiness Trade Fair 2022

The UOE Trade Fair is back! The agribusiness industry is big and has A LOT of things going on. I love agriculture and talk about it all the time but I sometimes lose track of how many innovations are out there. One efficient reminder that constantly keeps me in the loop is the University ...

How To Grow The Best Onions In Kenya

Onions are quite popular in Kenya. Onions are used to cook nearly all meals because they have many benefits to our health. Food Cooked With Onions Onions grow well in fertile soils. You need to check if your soil is suitable to grow onions by having it tested in a professional laboratory ...

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