We all want to achieve something in life. Most of all, we want to be financially free. To have the ability to provide for our families and have spare change as caution money. This is not an easy task, and every year we come up with goals that will make this dream a reality.

However, goals are quite scary. They are not friendly. They fly around in a storm, where ideas and figments of dreams flap around in the uncertain future of “someday”.

Life is not easy, you tell yourself. I need to look for survival money first. I need to improve to perfection first. I need a lot of money to start my business. I need a certain type of equipment to start my project. I think my future self will be in a better position to solve this particular case of growth. So you postpone your goals to tomorrow. The excuses pile up and you end up shelving your goals indefinitely. This leads to disappointment.

But achieving our goals does not have to be about perfection. The goal is not everything. What matters the most is the journey. The small things we do every day that will help us achieve our final goal. These daily habits may be small, but they help us achieve our goals one step at a time and make them a reality. 

Boit in Africa was created to share insightful business insights and engage industry experts on how to operate successful businesses. We live in a digital age, and knowledge is crucial for the growth of all human beings. 

Knowledge opens the door to opportunity, achievement, success, and wealth

Dr T.P.Chia 

Boit in Africa
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