How to grow an avocado farm from scratch

Hass avocado is one of the most profitable crops in Kenya, with a high demand in the local and international market. If you have a 1-acre piece of land, you can start an avocado farm and enjoy the benefits of this lucrative venture. However, like any other business, starting an avocado farm requires some capital investment. In this article, we will explore how much money you need to start a 1-acre Hass avocado farm in Kenya and tips for success.

Cost of Starting a 1 Acre Hass Avocado Farm in Kenya

The cost of starting a 1-acre Hass avocado farm in Kenya varies depending on various factors such as location, availability of resources, labor costs, etc. However, based on the average market prices, the following are the estimated costs:

Hass Avocado Seedlings – 140 PCS @ Ksh 150 Each = Ksh 21,000
When purchasing the seedlings, it’s advisable to buy 10% of the Fuerte variety, which is a pollinator for the Hass variety.

Manure – 1000 KG @ Ksh 10,000
Manure is essential in providing the necessary nutrients for the avocado trees to grow healthy and produce high yields.

NPK Fertilizer – 2 Bags @ Ksh 3500 Each = Ksh 7,000
NPK fertilizer is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are vital for the growth and development of avocado trees.

Laborers to dig 140 holes @ Ksh 50 per hole = Ksh 7,000
Digging holes is a labor-intensive task that requires the help of skilled laborers. You can hire laborers to dig the holes or use a hand drilling machine to make the task easier.

Drip Irrigation System for a 1 Acre Avocado Farm = Ksh 120,000
A drip irrigation system is essential in providing a consistent supply of water to the avocado trees, especially during the dry seasons.

Total Cost: Ksh 165,000

Tips for Success in Hass Avocado Farming

Choose a Suitable Location
Avocado trees thrive in well-drained soils with a pH of 5.5-7.5. It’s advisable to plant the trees on a slope or a raised bed to enhance water drainage. Also, ensure that the farm has a reliable source of water to irrigate the trees.

Plant High-Quality Seedlings
When purchasing the seedlings, ensure that you buy from a reputable supplier who provides high-quality seedlings. Also, ensure that the seedlings are free from pests and diseases.

Provide Adequate Nutrition
Avocado trees require a constant supply of nutrients to grow healthy and produce high yields. Use manure and NPK fertilizer to provide the necessary nutrients to the trees.

Practice Proper Pruning
Pruning helps to control the height and shape of the trees and enhances fruit production. It’s advisable to prune the trees twice a year, in the early and late seasons.

Control Pests and Diseases
Pests and diseases can cause significant damage to the avocado trees, leading to reduced yields or even death. Regularly inspect the trees for signs of pests and diseases and take appropriate measures to control them.


Starting a Hass avocado farm on a 1-acre piece of land in Kenya is a profitable venture that requires some capital investment. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can ensure a successful avocado farming venture. Remember, the cost of starting an avocado farm may vary depending on various factors. Therefore, it’s advisable to conduct a feasibility study to determine the actual cost Once the trees have been planted, it is important to take good care of them to ensure healthy growth and maximum yield. This involves regular watering, fertilizing, pruning, and pest control. It is also important to monitor the trees for any signs of diseases or pests and take appropriate action immediately to prevent them from spreading.

In terms of yield, a well-maintained 1-acre avocado farm can produce up to 20,000-30,000 pounds of fruit per year, depending on various factors such as soil quality, weather conditions, and proper care.

In conclusion, starting a 1-acre avocado farm in Kenya can be a profitable venture, with the potential to earn significant income in the long term. While the initial cost of setting up the farm can be high, the returns can be substantial if the trees are well-maintained and cared for. If you are interested in starting an avocado farm, it is important to do thorough research and seek guidance from experienced farmers to ensure success.

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