Young people should secure their future by growing avocados

Long-term investments always provide the best financial returns, and avocados are one of the best income earners yet. Peter Choge, 26, discovered this secret early.

It is always essential to have a vision in your life that will provide a clear road map of where you are going. When you meet up with Peter, you will quickly realize the vision he has and the business strategy. He understands the importance of investing early and focusing on projects that matter.

Peter hails from Salient, a small village located in Nandi County. He sourced 326 avocados this year which will be part of his future investment arsenal.

He doesn’t mind waiting for 3 years to get his first harvest. He understands that patience pays and the fruits will be sweeter.

Lazima tuangalie mbele

Peter Choge

The demand for avocados is increasing all over the world as people become more conscious about healthy living. This has boosted avocado sales internationally with local farmers fetching huge profit margins from the sales of avocado fruits. This income has enabled many farmers to increase their total family income and improve their way of living.

North Rift, which is located in Kenya, has benefited immensely through avocado farming. We used to earn a living by mostly growing maize but the narrative is changing fast!

Hass avocado profit per acre

Hass avocado is the new goldmine for avocado farmers in Kenya. The return from an acre with 150 Hass avocado trees after four years is about Ksh 450,000. One well-maintained Hass avocado tree can give bear 1,000 fruits a year. At maximum production, a single mature tree can produce 70kg-100kg of fruits per year.

Before the market was regulated, farmers used to sell fruit for as low as Sh1. But now avocado exporters in Kenya buy the Hass avocado at Sh10-Sh17 (This ranges between Ksh 60 – Ksh 100 per Kilo). Prices in the local market start at Sh8 depending on size.

Kenyan Hass avocados are sold in the European markets at nearly three times the domestic price, thus making the exporting options very attractive. But during the off-season, between November and February, Hass avocado in the local market goes to Sh30 per kilo from Sh20.

Kindly note that your production will determine how well you feed and nurture your plants. Avocado farming should be run just like any other business and all growing activities must be taken seriously. This means that everything must be done correctly from when you buy the seedlings to when you start harvesting.

At age 26, Peter’s antenna has picked the right frequency for success and has adjusted his way of thinking. He is focusing on a future that will not only benefit him but also his children. This is the future that sits on avocado farming.

Trees that are slow to grow, bear the best fruit.

– Moliere
Joseph Boit
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