This is the best time to grow onions in Kenya

Timing is important if you want to know the best time to grow onions in Kenya. The onion market in Kenya fluctuates frequently and it is crucial for you to practice smart farming and identify how you can make the most profit.

Onions are relatively easy to grow if you follow the instructions provided in manuals or through the help of your agronomist. Onions are also hardy and can withstand a lot of issues that normally arise on the farm such as pests.

If you have sufficient water on your farm, then all will be well. Onions require a lot of water to grow and produce huge bulbs. This is why you need to install drip irrigation to ensure water is always available on your farm.

You can get affordable drip irrigation systems from Makimara Limited. You can also use sprinkler irrigation for your onions if you feel drip irrigation is a bit expensive. We however recommend drip irrigation due to its ability to;

  • Save water
  • Easy to operate.
  • You will have fewer weeds on your farm.
  • All plants will get water as its placed directly on their roots.

Onions Market Demand

It’s always good to harvest your crop when there is high market demand. This will make it easier for you to sell off your onions and emerge victorious when it comes to profit.

The best time to grow onions in Kenya.

Kenya imports onions from Tanzania, Ethiopia, Egypt, and India to help satisfy the local demand when there is a shortage. There is usually a surplus of onions in Kenya from May to September.

This means that the best time to grow onions is from October all the way to January. You can start setting up your nursery during this time so that your harvest coincides with periods of high demand which range from January – April.

Onions take around 4 months to grow from nursery to harvest. This means that you need to work your planting calendar backward from the maturity date to establish the best time to sow.

Onion prices can go up to Ksh 55 per Kg – 90 Ksh per Kg when the demand is high.

If you feel uncertain about growing onions, you can start by growing your onions bit by bit to familiarize yourself with the crop as you plan to go big. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles starts with one step. All the best.

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