Is Goat farming in Kenya profitable?

Goat farming is one of the safest and most profitable agribusiness ventures in Kenya. Unlike horticulture where market uncertainty is a common thing year in and year out, goat farmers always get purchase priority. Goat meat is in high demand all over the world due to its nutritional value and great taste!

Photo: USDA

Goats are not just good at providing meat. You can also get milk, skins, and manure from goats. You can also earn money from goat farming by starting a breeding farm. Beginner goat farmers will be able to visit your farm and get herds for their farms. Pure breed goats are usually more expensive than local breeds. They also gain weight faster and produce more milk.

How to start goat farming in Kenya

Goat farming is fun. You need little to no experience to start a goat farm in Kenya. These are the things you need to get started on goat farming;

  • A small piece of land.
  • Food for the goats.
  • Source of water.
  • Employee to take care of the goats.
  • Proximity to a veterinary officer.

Saving money using goat farming

You can also use your goats as a savings mechanism and earn when they give birth to kids. This is better than putting your money in the bank. You get the ability to see your money grow right before your eyes!

Goats can be easily sold for cash during tough economical times such as school fees etc.

Making money by selling goat milk

Goat milk fetches a good price in Kenya. The price goes up to Ksh 300 per liter. The demand for goat milk is higher than the number of people producing it. You can sell your goat milk to hospitals, nutritional health centers, hospice hospitals, and supermarkets.

Selling goat kids for money

Photo Source: Farm Africa

You can sell kids and keep their mother. The goat kids are your “Net Profit” while their mothers are the “Parent Stock”. Goats have many revenue streams that will always maintain the profitability of your farm and that is why you should consider it as a full-time business.


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