When is the right time to start my business?

Starting a business is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do once you have figured yourself out. But when is the right time sto start one? Check out below some of my thoughts and let me know if they apply to you. Cheers.

  • You’re always day-dreaming about how much money you’ll make when you eventually quit your job and start your own business.
  • You’re always looking for shortcuts or easier ways to get things done. You however always realize that doing things the right way is what gets it done. 😀
  • Everywhere you travel, you evaluate all business scenarios. You’re the type of person that looks for ways a certain product can be improved. You have a knack of sniffing out business opportunities and ideas when you look around.
  • You can’t see yourself being employed for the rest of your life and working from 8am-5pm. If the opportunity to establish a business presents itself, you will seize it. The irony of this is that once you start running you business you will end up working all the time. No breaks.
  • You believe that if you were given capital, all your business ideas will take off and thrive. 😀 All entreprenuers are always faced with this challenge, but don’t despair, you can check out this brief guide on how you can start your business without capital.
  • You are unconcerned with your rivals. Your desire to get your product into the market and start selling. This is what motivates you.
  • You enjoy mentally increasing all of your prospective business earnings. Why not plant 10 acres and earn more if a one-acre farm will yield you Ksh 500,000?
  • You’re excited about your company ideas and would put all your savings to make them a reality.
  • You always think of growing an empire once you start earning profits. This is called the empire mentality.
  • You have been thinking about running your own businesses for a long time.
  • You like helping people and improving the lives of those around you. You want to create a product or service that will bring smiles and make the world a better place. Having these thoughts makes you feel fulfilled.
If you feel like this checklist speaks to you, then you should start a business immediately. The time is now and not tomorrow. The more you postpone, the more time will fly. The power to create your future lies in your hands, and all you have to do is to tap into the power God has given you and execute.
Joseph Boit
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Joseph Boit

Joseph is a social entrepreneur with a curious mind and a love for farming. Big dreamer and a technology enthusiast.

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